Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sit Ubu Sit; Good Dog.

Guess what I've been obsessively doing lately?
Yup, sorting mp3 folders and renaming files on my new pc. What a holy crap load of stuff from old hard drives... Nice to get it all in one place though and figure out what are duplicates and which have the better bit rate etc. I still lost A LOT in the "great external hard drive crash of the summer of 2012". Jerk.
Anyways, While in the world of sorting music files you might as well listen to music files.
As a result, here's another mix-tape to stuff up your butthole, or whatever it is you do with them after you download them.

If you scratch that record Benji, I'll take you out back and shoot you...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday ice and windstorm mix

Here's a few of the many songs I listened to today while not going outside, because it was totally shit out, and I just didn't want to do it.
You can't make me do it, you can't, I won't. :-)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Off and into the blackness of the great void of Fuckity Land...

I have a new computer; it works mutha fuckin dandy, buddy, luh.
As a result there will be new music mixes as I sort through & catalogue the masses of files I've been neglecting.
I will also be archiving my old cassette demos on a regular basis (again!! - as my old external failed some time ago and consumed what I had already digitized - what a bitch!). I will be posting them here for people to download or ignore. Some are local demos, and some are international, some are live tapes, some are jams, some are shitty, some are not. I will transfer them in the order I see fit and in the order of my own preference, so whatever turns up here, turns up when it does on no strict schedule.
- Look, a bunch of songs!
Rock and/or fucking roll, or something, or whatever.
Grab my latest mix tape.

Some people stalk my blog.
I like that about them. :-)
You should too.