Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009


yeah, so... Rick White rules.

managed to find his latest, "Memoreaper" finally locally and yay, but fuck yeah!


please just do a search for Eric's Trip, Elevator, Elavator Thru, Elevator Through Hell, or just his name...
jeeebus. holy mother load of non-stop brilliance.

and some quick vid links just cause you should...

Thank you Sir.

Friday, October 23, 2009

it's firiiiiday nooooight!

and it's like ultimate shitty out.
tired of gettin rained upon etc.
and like i don't know the songs for the evening... duh...nndanywayz
i think i've bailed, and a bottle of whine and 2 ciders will be more than enough to boot. why waste a pair of value store new jeans that'll be (de)[ahh]ppreciated more in the long run...
runnie ran but sometime runnie is tired and likes to sit.

did i break a date? prob not. still thinking....

so in 1989
i skipped church (with mom's permission; yeeeeaah!) to skate and hang out in an abandanded building (under renovation) and brought my ghetto blaster in case there was no tunes... and we had much more fun with our palm leaves. 'cause there is no devil and he can't hurt you. crowns of thorns can only hurt yerself.

malpractice kids making songs about woothworths / pop songs/ and having fun.
i taped over 7seconds which i missed for a 99luft days but it's all good in the end.
nfld rules.
and does, but i do my own thing just cause my cat is old and so's mom and the cassette tape, but spending an hour somewhere other than otherwhere is all the same smile upon my face.

recorded at the 'haymarket square' vacant as it was at that time... we didn't skate down the conveyor belt "cause someone might get hurt" & some could but they didn't want to show off...
cassette recorder in front of the drums. all the little amps pointed at the drummer and the singer jumped and jumped and hit every cue. vocals thru 50w amp and guitars thru maybe 50s and one 70-75.
thank heaven for condensor mics and big rooms.
Easter sunday @ 2-3 in the afternoon and so much fun.
nfld. sorry i'm pissed at the rain and the shitty cab fare that there's no need to waste.
ALL'S GOOD @ 10.38pm!

Monday, October 19, 2009

is it me, or does everything just go black and silent sometimes?

Newfoundland Power and Mother Nature!

you suck. i want a rebate on my next bill and sunshine next week.
nothing of the sorts huh?
well then...

DL album 320k...
album info here

Sunday, October 18, 2009

lookit the weirdo

little kid at the grocery store
- "Mommy, is that man's hair real??"
someone who should know better
- "I dunno dear..."
weirdo out in public
- "like i'd wear a wig that looks like this. i'm right here, y'know."
...and proceeded to let the little girl tug on the ropes. now she knows they're real and in time she'll learn just how dumb her mom is.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

hey Gandelf! nice dress...

i've been told Red Fang rules.
and i must have to agree...
one, two, three, 2x4 mofo! upside yer head.
bringin the hits like a tree fallin on yer neck.

grab a tour ep and buy the record online.

and in other news...
- bringin the hits since Two, NineEightyThree.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yeah sure, satan rules; but that doesn't mean i can't be practical.

so, Future of the Left = yum for me lately...

"Travels with Myself and Another: [2009] is a recent discovery for me, & I haven't back tracked into the previous or the Mclusky stuff yet, but i will.
check 'em here.

i like this vid, but it's not my fave song... but it is definitely catchy as all hell. just an obvious kinda video channel friendly thing.

and this one just jumps up the grabs ya on the album, but there isn't a really good sounding live vid or a music vid for it.
so this'll have to do...
plus the title just rules.

You can't control the stick; the stick controls you Bobo.
She demands some respect there Bobo!
i'm still laughing.

thank you. thank you very much (in a 50's rocker elvis type voice, with a slight Newfie accent)

Monday, October 12, 2009


when my ass gets more in gear i'll be posting some links to albums to download, (out of print good stuff etc) but my ass may never ever find any gear except neutral ever again. sooo.... in the meantime, i guess i should post some frikkin links to shit i've recorded myself...

sHEAVY - The Reproduction ep - first demo from 93

more shit to follow

Thursday, October 08, 2009


i'm gonna com-fuckin-plain to start this fuckin bullshit.

I'm sick of gettin wet in this past week of rain;
sick of the bus not makin transfer times (always to work on time but home late), AND don't ask me for a cigarette while yer standing next to me while i have earphones in and no sign of a cig in hand... YOU DUMB FUCK!
and JESUS CHRIST YA FAT FUCKKIN COW! - i'm wet too. Leave yer fuckin poncho on if ya have to stand on a moving bus with a fuckin french vanilla cheapo fuckkin $1.25 coffee from that mega-corp hockey player coffee maker shit stand.
Is yer XXXL piece of wet plastic or yer ass blasting crapaccino that fuckkin important to ya??!!
Lady, may i say - you're fuckkin lucky i didn't slug ya when you spilled that luke warm swill on me and my somewhat clean, but already wet jeans.
siddown & take up two seats why don't ya.

and no Digger I can't turn off the rain!
stop meowyowling. you know yer going out in it anyways.

CRANKY? you bet yer ass.

this one makes me feel better after days like this.
believe me, the volume knob is not on 3.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

whadda you know?

Best album i've heard in years.
too bad the band is broke up.
don't feel bad about downloading.
Thanks to the Sludge Swamp. check it out.
like it? leave a comment.

I'll be posting my own albums here on this thingy along with some links in the future too.

"I am not killing you... this is not good; don't you understand? you must die"
- Revolver - "The Unholy Mother of Fuck"

Some people stalk my blog.
I like that about them. :-)
You should too.