Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yeah sure, satan rules; but that doesn't mean i can't be practical.

so, Future of the Left = yum for me lately...

"Travels with Myself and Another: [2009] is a recent discovery for me, & I haven't back tracked into the previous or the Mclusky stuff yet, but i will.
check 'em here.

i like this vid, but it's not my fave song... but it is definitely catchy as all hell. just an obvious kinda video channel friendly thing.

and this one just jumps up the grabs ya on the album, but there isn't a really good sounding live vid or a music vid for it.
so this'll have to do...
plus the title just rules.

You can't control the stick; the stick controls you Bobo.
She demands some respect there Bobo!
i'm still laughing.

thank you. thank you very much (in a 50's rocker elvis type voice, with a slight Newfie accent)

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