Friday, October 23, 2009

it's firiiiiday nooooight!

and it's like ultimate shitty out.
tired of gettin rained upon etc.
and like i don't know the songs for the evening... duh...nndanywayz
i think i've bailed, and a bottle of whine and 2 ciders will be more than enough to boot. why waste a pair of value store new jeans that'll be (de)[ahh]ppreciated more in the long run...
runnie ran but sometime runnie is tired and likes to sit.

did i break a date? prob not. still thinking....

so in 1989
i skipped church (with mom's permission; yeeeeaah!) to skate and hang out in an abandanded building (under renovation) and brought my ghetto blaster in case there was no tunes... and we had much more fun with our palm leaves. 'cause there is no devil and he can't hurt you. crowns of thorns can only hurt yerself.

malpractice kids making songs about woothworths / pop songs/ and having fun.
i taped over 7seconds which i missed for a 99luft days but it's all good in the end.
nfld rules.
and does, but i do my own thing just cause my cat is old and so's mom and the cassette tape, but spending an hour somewhere other than otherwhere is all the same smile upon my face.

recorded at the 'haymarket square' vacant as it was at that time... we didn't skate down the conveyor belt "cause someone might get hurt" & some could but they didn't want to show off...
cassette recorder in front of the drums. all the little amps pointed at the drummer and the singer jumped and jumped and hit every cue. vocals thru 50w amp and guitars thru maybe 50s and one 70-75.
thank heaven for condensor mics and big rooms.
Easter sunday @ 2-3 in the afternoon and so much fun.
nfld. sorry i'm pissed at the rain and the shitty cab fare that there's no need to waste.
ALL'S GOOD @ 10.38pm!

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