Thursday, October 08, 2009


i'm gonna com-fuckin-plain to start this fuckin bullshit.

I'm sick of gettin wet in this past week of rain;
sick of the bus not makin transfer times (always to work on time but home late), AND don't ask me for a cigarette while yer standing next to me while i have earphones in and no sign of a cig in hand... YOU DUMB FUCK!
and JESUS CHRIST YA FAT FUCKKIN COW! - i'm wet too. Leave yer fuckin poncho on if ya have to stand on a moving bus with a fuckin french vanilla cheapo fuckkin $1.25 coffee from that mega-corp hockey player coffee maker shit stand.
Is yer XXXL piece of wet plastic or yer ass blasting crapaccino that fuckkin important to ya??!!
Lady, may i say - you're fuckkin lucky i didn't slug ya when you spilled that luke warm swill on me and my somewhat clean, but already wet jeans.
siddown & take up two seats why don't ya.

and no Digger I can't turn off the rain!
stop meowyowling. you know yer going out in it anyways.

CRANKY? you bet yer ass.

this one makes me feel better after days like this.
believe me, the volume knob is not on 3.

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